India Market Strategy

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India being one of the fastest growing economies of the world, offers unique and diverse opportunities virtually in IT, Manufacturing,Auto, Telecom, Infrastructure, Bio-sciences, Healthcare, and allied sectors.

India’s businesses are significant, this spell opportunities for entrepreneurs, businesses, investors. The market capabilities, geography, skill and talent pool, the free press, established judicial system for fair and quick settlements of business disputes, make it one of the most preferred destinations for foreign investment.

ELADO’s considerable experience, insight and knowledge of the Indian business environment have positioned us to assist international companies, to plan and implement their India-entry strategy. Our teams of experts have the necessary skills and experience to provide customized solutions seeking entry into India.

Did you know

  • The total wealth of India has tripled in a decade to $3.5 trillion and is expected to double again in the next 5 years (source: Credit Suisse)
  • The urban-household income would top $4 trillion in next 20 years (US Dept. of Commerce)
  • India is expected to invest $1.2 trillion on its infrastructure over next 2 decades (Source: McKinsey)
  • India is among the three most attractive FDI destinations in the world
  • India has evolved as one of world’s leading technology centers
  • India has highest return on foreign investment in the world
  • By 2020, additional 800 universities and 35,000+ colleges are required to enable the targeted 46 million children to avail college education
  • By 2032, India will be among the three largest economies in the world

Exporters with the right products/services can readily find buyers- Entrepreneurs can benefit by innovating unique solutions for the Indian market in partnerships with Indian entrepreneurs. Investors can find highly profitable investment opportunities.

The developed economy recognizes the benefits that can come from collaborative commercial relationships with Indian firms. India’s requirements for equipment and services for major sectors such as consumer goods, medical devices, energy, defense and security, environment, healthcare, high-tech, infrastructure, and transportation exceeds hundreds of billions of dollars in the mid-term as the Indian economy further globalizes and expands. Now is the time for many International and transnational companies to enter and expand in the rising Indian market

ELADO invite you to conduct high quality customized India market intelligence such as industry research, product surveys, competitor studies, consumer research, studies on sales channels, due diligence and investment investigation, besides facilitate comprehensive information on practical aspects of expanding your existing business to India or starting a new business in India.


  • Business case & Market Analysis: Design India market profile; Competition study & proofing
  • Market Research Services-Business scenarios;  Informed business decisions; Qualitative & Quantitative studies
  • Product/Service Validation: Market assumptions & Feasibility studies
  • Business Plan: Design, positioning & sizing; Adaptability & reach
  • Go-to-Market Strategies: Strength assessments & Connecting last mile milieu
  • Operational Process:  Channels;  Facilities &  Operations fortitude
  • Technology & support team: Specific IT development & Customer support services
  • Joint venture & Technology transfer: Identifying partners;  Assisting negotiations & Recommendations & mutual ordinance
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Due diligence studies; Assets& Enterprise valuation & Transfer policies
  • Company registrations &procedures as per Indian Company and Tax Laws
  • Turnkey contracts