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At some point in time, the nascent/start-up’s business owner asks the same question: Are we ready to market our product or service? In industries with fierce competition, startups race their products or services to market as quickly as possible to maximize profits.

  • Do you know which target customers and sales opportunities to pursue and which ones they shouldn’t waste their time on?
  • Do you live and breathe the key attributes of your brand?
  • Do you consistently and effectively position your company’s value proposition against competitors, based on the most recent competitive intelligence?
  • Do you know how your front line performs on key customer advocacy metrics?
  • Can you identify the interactions between frontline employees and customers that have the greatest impact on customer advocacy?
  • Do you have closed-loop learning processes in place to get customer feedback to your front line within 24 to 48 hours?
  • Does your product consistently evolves consumers value and simplify the lives better?

 ELADO help you build an effective go-to-market strategy quickly and efficiently

Customer channels and test:

Before a startup launches, its product needs to be stable and fully functioning, and the company needs to be ready to handle demand before it starts making promises to customers. Long before that, a startup needs to test its various customer channels. A startup can define capacity by asking couple of questions: “How many hours in the day do salespeople have to accomplish all that’s asked of them, including selling?” and “How many available days in the year does a salesperson have to accomplish all that is asked of them?” Cost is simply the cost-of-sale. If a startup understands coverage, capacity and cost, then it’s truly channel-agnostic.

ELADO initiate along the Founders of the Enterprise, match the right set of customers to the right sales channel as measured by cost of sale, and understand coverage, capacity and cost. Coverage is the amount of prospects and customers a startup’s sales force and sales channel can cover or reach in a given period of time.

Evaluate acquisition costs:

We understand that the early sales success is critical to garnering support and lead the way to help make money. No matter the sales channel startup leverages, it needs to factor in the true costs of customer acquisition. We help you consider marketing, lead generation, pre- and post-sales training, customer support, and sales and marketing automation, besides facilitate a reasonable estimate, evaluate key competitors, specifically public ones, so you can determine the costs and add at least half to estimate its own, since a newly founded company will face greater acquisition expenses as it can ramps up well.

Also in way, its early sales success is all about listening to your customers and taking their wants seriously will drive a company in a profitable direction.

Not so traditional- Go to Market differentiated approach:

As the entrepreneur of a start-up company you are developing a technology, product or service offering to sell into the market. Therefore, you need to determine who your customers are and how you are going to gain access to these same customers is a cost effective, timely and efficient manner.

ELADO address and help you drive the customers to the targeted markets of interest.  We fully employ a go to market strategy, determine what sales channels make sense for your customer base; is that being cost effective, and at the same time provide you with a competitive advantage in the market. We consider historic channel as reference points, be it direct sales; indirect sales or strategic partnerships.  Above these we set up our efforts beyond the three traditional sales channels and focus on disruptive models and succeed your competitive value position taking advantage of the communiqué that need to meet customer accessibility, convenience and flexibility

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