Case Studies

Go To Market Services

Case Study 1:
A UK based Fortune 1000 company who were pioneers in the scientific innovation space wanted ELADO’s help as they were present in India, had sales and marketing teams but yet were not doing well in India,

 ELADO did an extensive market study vis-à-vis the products of the customer and interviewed over 180 CXO’s and decision makers and based on the study built up a new sales and product selling model.

ELADO’s consultants also helped the customer save over 200 K USD by restructuring the organization and also by helping hire key resources. ELADO also helped implement the go to market plan and delivered revenue of 350 K USD in the engagement.

 Case Study 2:
A Swedish personal health record service company with a cloud based solutions approached us for the consumer behaviour research and GTM in healthcare sector, with their first experience in Asian market, had own market ideas and plans for the SAARC region.

 ELADO devised loyalty & marketing program, which proved a larger opportunity reaching community hospitals, more precisely the specialized doctors in each department of the hospitals. We introduced novel approach of championing continuous medical education programs in India incepting mobile personal health record service to improve the health information exchange and patient safety linked with each of these contact hospitals and patience engagement with 20 of the major hospitals as their clients.

 In the first year of its India inception, they are positive and willing to bring more of their product portfolio into India, and the serving hospitals can receive quality and timely equipment, thus “saving more lives”.

 Case Study 3:
One of the Australia’s multi-disciplinary consultancy with headquarters in Sydney and regional and project offices throughout South-East Asia and the Pacific approached us for the market entry and business opportunities in India.

The clients experience in India suggests a number of factors that are likely to contribute to a successful engagement for Australian firms on the Indian subcontinent, especially for professional services. As mentioned above, a successful market entry needs to be well planned and requires investments in learning about the institutional environments. For many Aussies, it appears at first sight an easy environment to operate in, based on similar administrative heritage from the British system; that is, English as the official language, a similar educational model and so forth countries.

ELADO developed the formation of alliances with local consultants through which a firm tap into existing networks, and generating legitimacy on the market, which is a key factor for success.  Our clients funded by the World Bank and by the Asian Development Bank, created the credibility that is necessary for business in India.

Another success factor, identified through our experience, which was a proven as a midterm success also extract professional service sector are‘re-import’ services rendered by Indian subsidiaries into their home markets. That apart creating a pool of internships for undergraduate Indian engineers to build capability, with a longer term goal of employing these graduates to supplement resources available in Australia

 Case Study 4:
The popular American company manufactures EFT-POS machines using smart technology with totally integrated hardware and software for delivering payment solutions to merchants and retailers. The company manufactures the terminals at the end of the digital line that connects the merchant with the banking system. They approached us for their India market entry services and also wanted to setup the hardware manufacturing plant in India.

India has been on the company’s agenda for a while, with the business partnership with a technology company in Singapore, and they first thought of Singapore as a gateway to India, particularly as the Singapore Company already had a presence there. This gave an opportunity in the market, with the pilot stage set in India and three years of their inception, they were never near the growth plans of India market with lots of resources and money going in the drain.

ELADO worked closely with their Singapore team, thus getting the early breakthrough with one of the prominent nationalized bank in India. That was a stealth approach and considered quite a fast process for this market by their different business heads. The company was still investing in building credibility, and expects that it will take a couple of years to achieve payback from its initial investments. Just in time, they also were ready with ‘economic value box’, which was proposed after the market research by the ELADO team, as this little approach helped them develop the scale needed for India.

They also found couple of IP breaches of their product by some of the local vendors. Wewere able to enable and route their policy protection of IP and developed resource for their total integration of knowledge, and know-how relating to the setting up of indigenous solutions and systems in India. They are now full and long-term commitment to doing business in India.

 Business Transformation Services

Case Study 1:
An American Smart Meter Manufacturing Company wanted to set up base in Bangalore. India. They wanted to have a design center and wanted a manufacturing facility for their products.

ELADO was approached to help them with their setup of business operations. Elado’s consultants helped obtain approvals for setting up the company in India. Elaod also helped in obtaining approvals from Directorate of factories, Pollution control board, Central excise, Sales tax and other mandatory approvals. Elado helped locate a site for the factory and did a turnkey project of building the factory. It has a capacity to produce 18,000 meters per month.

ELADO also helped do organizational setup and functioning, and shaved off 4 months from anticipated date of going live and helped saveover 800 K USD by delivering commitments on factory ahead of time.

 ELADO is currently assisting the customer with process and project management assistance to further streamline the organization and reduce operational costs,

 Case Study 2:
An established educational service company wanted Elado help in terms of helping it develop a product for this market. They also wanted Elado to help develop a product management plan and a marketing and selling plan for the product.

 ELADO’s consultants helped study the market, did a market study of over 100 educational institutions and helped develop an employability eco system software product.

ELADO then helped to develop marketing and sales plans and sell the product across India.

The customer was able to showcase the business generated and obtain further investment and the customer was able to finally sell the company.

Learning & Development Services

Case Study 1:
India’s largest conglomerate with one of its IT service vertical had their general apathy and reluctance for learning & sharing knowledge among the inner hierarchical and peer group, which had lead to high degree of employee attrition and information discharge, which had undermined knowledge capital of the organization.

ELADO shaped the holistic atmosphere for developing a high performing organization by engaging the mid level & senior level employees adopting the natural management development against critical organizational challenges as a core catalytic element, besides the emphasis on future leadership pipeline.

This process was formulated with 70-20-10 framework, in the lines of people’s experience- feedback & coaching-formal training through engaging content and case methods developed by a world renowned management and business thinker ensuring insightful perspectives.

The net result was outcome based into advocacy, knowledge brokering& construction of learning capacities in the organization

Case Study 2:
Developed learning objects with the explicit learning design which was cumulated into a knowledge portal to one of the India’s largest privately held higher education organization.

Despite considerable investment in their infrastructure and technology over the last decade, they did not yet appear to have realized their full potential. By and large, the factor was limited to curriculum design and university assignment practice.

ELADO initiated with the learning object tool-kit, which later shaped into a knowledge portal. The influencing impact showed up in less than 18 months, as the structure of learning was based to student centric learning keeping the entire paraphrase intact

ELADO built elements comprising of pedagogy, which was re-usable, definable, pre-practice exercises, post-practice evaluation & assessments. This exercise played a significant role in electronic journal repository for the professors and lecturers, as a versatile platform, and realized the shift in the kind of resource that underpin the learning and teaching ahead of the game among varsities in India